Journey Into An Action-Packed VBS

The Action Bible VBS
Jesus – The First Action Hero (1 Peter 1:3-4)

With David C Cook’s new VBS, based on the bestselling The Action Bible®, kids will discover how to Love, Believe, Trust, and Witness as they engage in God’s big story of redemption! Each day features activities and interactive lessons that turn storytelling into an unforgettable experience that points to Jesus who Saves.

Optional Take-Home Add-On— The Action Bible Take-Home Collector’s Cards; Sold separately in packs of 5 (suggest 1 pack per child—$2.50 each)

This complete digital resource kit adopts to fit your church size and budget!

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Scope and Sequence


Bible Story: Adam and Eve

Action Word: Love

Action Verse: Psalm 36:5

The Action Bible Pages: 17–23

Scripture Reference: Genesis 3


Bible Story: Abraham

Action Word: Believe

Action Verse: Matthew 21:22

The Action Bible Pages: 44-52, 56

Scripture Reference: Genesis 15—18


Bible Story: Mary

Action Word: Trust

Action Verse: Proverbs 3:5-6

The Action Bible Pages: 528–529

Scripture Reference: Luke 1:26–38


Bible Story: Jesus

Action Word: Save

Action Verse: John 3:16

The Action Bible Pages: 641–650

Scripture Reference: Matthew 27:59—28:20; John 19:38—21:17; Luke 24:13-53


Bible Story: Paul

Action Word: Witness

Action Verse: Matthew 28:19

The Action Bible Pages: 686–692

Scripture Reference: Acts 9:1—31

The Action Bible VBS

This complete digital resource kit adapts to fit any church size and budget—so volunteers, kids, and parents feel like heroes too, as they participate in a gospel-centered message that makes a lasting spiritual imprint at church, in the neighborhood, and at home!

Key Program Details:

  • Duration—3 hours
  • Format—Large Group/Small Group with built-in flexibility
  • Age Range—Preschool through grade 5
  • Optional Take-Home Add-OnThe Action Bible Take-Home Collector’s Cards; Sold separately in packs of 5 (suggest 1 pack per child—$2.50 each)

What’s Included in The Action Bible VBS

Directors Guide

Crew Booklets


Action Bible Masks

Theme Song

Bible Character Masterpieces

Send Home Parent Devotional

Web link with additional resources

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