Bibles for Kids

We saw first-hand, the impact of The Action Bible while building a playground with Kids Around the World in Comas, Peru, just outside of Lima.

First of all, thank you! We are so blessed to have a strong partnership, and we so appreciate the opportunity we have to reach so many kids with the Action Bible NT–the bible they love to read. It’s making a difference in reaching kids, engaging them, and helping them grow in their faith. It’s impacting the lives of kids…and impacting even more (6x more) as they share it with friends, family and others. It’s bringing hope for today and changing the trajectory for eternity for kids, families and communities. May God continue to use Bibles for Kids and David C. Cook to reach even more in the years ahead!

This past year, we were thrilled to be able to print an additional 7634 New Testament Action Bibles (3500 English and 4134 Spanish). We’ve printed nearly 13,000 bibles to date.

We partnered with great, like-minded organizations who were serving kids and families on the grounds and making an impact in the lives of kids and the community. We partnered with students serving on short-term mission trips with Rockford Christian Schools and Judson University, on-the-ground partners like Su Refugio and partners creating environments for kids to hear God’s word–Kids Around the World and Lennox Barnett Ministries.

Me, my son Andrew, and niece Adi, also had the opportunity to see first-hand, the impact of the Action Bible while building a playground with Kids Around the World in Comas, Peru, just outside of Lima. Working with two incredible partners, Kids Around the World and Su Refugio, we created a very kid and family friendly environment where kids could have fun, seek care, hear God’s word and experience His love in action. In addition to the playground build, we hosted a medical clinic, VBS program and feeding program while kids learned about God’s love. Volunteers loved writing notes of encouragement in the bibles! Each child in the VBS received aa bible with a hand-written note and parents and other kids lined up for more! Here are a few pictures. Also, you will be inspired hearing how the Action Bible impacted the life of Yamile. Hear the impact on her life in the following video.

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