Top 10 reasons to love what’s unique about the action bible

For 10 years, The Action Bible has spurred the imagination and built a foundation of faith in children.

Here are 10 reasons why millions of readers love it—and why you will too.

1. You want to experience the personal and powerful love of Jesus.

“Jesus is my favorite to draw,” says Sergio Cariello, the illustrator known for his work with Marvel Comics and DC Comics. “If you asked me, ‘Are you tired of drawing Jesus?’ I would say, ‘Never, never.’”

Jesus is at the center of story—the Son of God born, crucified, and resurrected to show God’s great love for us.

2. You want to give a gift that kids will enjoy over and over again.

Maybe you love reading the Bible together with your kids or grandkids. Or you get excited when they say things like, “I can read it by myself!”

Either way, you love giving a give that encourages spending time in God’s Word—whether it’s The Action Bible itself or one of the related devotionals that kids can keep on their bedside table or in a backpack.

Sometimes when the house gets too quiet—and you wonder if mischief might be brewing—it’s a joy and a relief to find them lost in the pages of their favorite Bible story.

3. You can follow the whole story from Creation to Revelation.

For many people—young readers especially—the Bible can be confusing. So, The Action Bible puts 230 narratives into chronological order, making it easy to follow the historical flow and get to the truth of the story.

“It’s important to follow the timeline to increase understanding,” says one parent.

All the storylines come together in the most complete illustrated Bible ever captured in one book. We’re talking Noah, Moses, Ruth, King David, Queen Esther, Mary and Joseph, Jesus and the disciples—and many more.

4. You’re passionate about helping today’s generation to connect with God.

As today’s kids face a culture of comparison, temptation, and bullying, they need to know they can handle tough issues with confidence in God.

You want to encourage their spiritual growth, but it can be hard to find the right Bible or devotional for some kids, especially boys. As one parent notes, “most other storybook Bibles are written for preschoolers and would be considered juvenile for a 4th grader.”

But The Action Bible “is great for older kids” and comes with a collection of resources and activities for various ages. And it’s not just for boys. One mom says, “I have four girls, and they absolutely love it.”

The Action Bible Anytime Devotions

Practical application of God’s Word to issues facing kids today.

Beyond colorful images your kids will love, The Action Bible Anytime Devotions come with simple prayers, real-world struggles, and practical life lessons that apply God’s truth to their struggles with comparison, temptation and bullying–all with the encouragement to call on Him anytime, anywhere to build faith and confidence in His promises.

5. You appreciate how art can open the eyes of the heart.

The amazing visual quality of The Action Bible collection not only appeals to all ages but also makes a lasting imprint on the heart.

When it’s described as “deeply expressive and beautifully drawn,” you know you’ve found something truly special. “It’s not childish and can be admired by all while conveying biblical truths.”

In 2020, The Action Bible added 128 new pages of illustrations, so you can enjoy a richer artistic experience with more close-up faces, historical details, and dramatic colors. The Action Bible collection also includes music, games, and puzzles to spur the imagination

6. You want kids with special needs and learning styles to know God’s Word too.

Imagine the joy of a mother for her son with Down Syndrome, who enjoys exploring The Action Bible with his friends. “They can learn, and they can accept Jesus, and they can participate in learning how to live according to what the Bible says.”

Or consider the 15-year-old in a youth detention center, who struggles with reading at his grade level. He sent a hand-written letter to say: “I love your artwork a lot and can do some artwork myself…. I wanted to tell you thank you for The Action Bible. It helps me learn about God and His Son who died for me.”

7. You know that engaging in Scripture is essential to building a foundation of faith.

Parents, grandparents, and children’s ministry leaders are quick to affirm that The Action Bible includes “a multitude of stories” and “captures the interest and attention of kids to want to get into God’s Word.”

The latest release presents 25 new stories and 23 expanded stories to make it even more engaging and complete. This is good news for everyone who wants to help children and teens develop a strong foundation for spiritual growth throughout their lives.

When kids are ready, the full-text The Action Study Bible is “a traditional Bible but with extra features designed to capture your attention,” says the parent of a teen reader. “The graphics are really good, and those extra features help with application and discussion.”

8. You respect the teamwork of Bible scholars, editors, and artists to convey God’s truth.

Along with vivid illustrations, you want language that is easy to understand without compromising the truth. Clear storytelling is important to us too.

That’s why The Action Bible team has worked carefully to ensure the readability and integrity of the text, as well as the accuracy of historical details in the illustrations.

You’ll appreciate the vote of confidence from Christian parents and church leaders who affirm that The Action Bible is “engaging without taking away what the Bible is saying.”

9. You’re eager to see the gospel reach kids and families around the globe.

The art of The Action Bible needs no translation. But the text has been translated into numerous languages so that The Action Bible and its related resources can be shared throughout the world.

Here at home, many churches and ministries use The Action Bible and The Story of Jesus booklets in Spanish and other languages.

With every purchase from The Action Bible collection, our nonprofit publisher, David C Cook, sets aside proceeds to support global mission initiatives. The David Caleb Cook Foundation works with donors to reach even more kids and families who are eager to know God and grow in their faith. Please contact us to learn how you can get involved.

10. You love reading the Bible through the eyes of a child.

It’s okay for grown-ups to admit enjoying The Action Bible as much as kids do. Whether you read with kids alongside or simply to renew your own sense of childlike faith, you’re never too old to get into the heart of the action

Each picture is deeply expressive and beautifully drawn. It is not childish and can be admired by all while conveying biblical truths to the reader.