Queen Esther

Queen Esther

  • Role

    Risked her life to save her people

  • Family

    Was an orphan
    Raised by her cousin, Mordecai
    Husband: Persian king, Ahasuerus

  • Found In Bible

    Book of Esther

  • Best Known For

    Won a beauty contest
    Became queen of Persia


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About Queen Esther

Esther (ES-tuhr) was a brave young woman who saved her people from being wiped out. She was a beautiful Jewish orphan girl who became the queen of Persia around 475 b.c. after winning a beauty contest. She was able to save the Jewish people in the Persian Empire from being destroyed. Her story is in the Bible in the Book of Esther. Esther’s cousin Mordecai saved the king’s life once, when two men in the palace tried to attack him (see Esther 2:21-23). And he also played a big part in helping Esther stand up for her people. Haman is the villain of the story. He came up with a plan to kill every last Jewish person. He even built a tower, which he was going to use to hang Mordecai. But Haman got what he deserved in the end. He was hung from his own tower (see Esther 7:9-10). After helping to save his people, Mordecai was promoted to second in rank to only the king (see Esther 10:2-3).


As a Jewish maiden who had become the wife of the powerful king, Esther reached a crossroads of faith. Dare she stand up for the Lord and His chosen people? Or would she just blend into society as Persian royalty? Sometimes we must choose to take a strong stand for God. When we do, He will give us courage and reward our respect for His best.

Who or what makes it challenging to take a stronger stand for your faith? How do you know what the best thing to do is?

God in Action

God isn’t mentioned once in the book of Esther. But He’s still a big part of the story. The way things happen in this book, there’s no way God wasn’t at work behind the scenes!

God put Esther in just the right place at just the right time. She was chosen to be the new queen of Persia, where many Jews lived. A few years later, a man named Haman, a high official in the king’s court, decided to kill all the Jews—all because of one Jewish man who wouldn’t bow down to him.


That man was Mordecai, and Mordecai just happened to be Esther’s cousin. Mordecai begged Esther to help. But that meant going to the king, and she could have been killed for doing that without permission. God made sure the king was happy to see Esther when she came.

Esther and Mordecai were able to save their people, but only because God planned everything perfectly. He put them where they needed to be. He gave them courage and wisdom. God can’t always be seen, but He is always working for the good of His people.

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Key Verse:
“And who knows whether you have not come
to the kingdom for such a time as this?”
(Esther 4:14)

A Pair of Queens The Action Bible pages 489-505

Esther The Action Bible Study Bible ESV pages 432-439

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