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Definition of love

Fighting for the best for others and for God’s kingdom

When I am a servant, I am…

Trusting: I know God provides for me.

Generous: I can give to others.

Sure: God has a purpose for me.

Selfless: I can put others first.

Some stories of Love in the Bible

  • In the Beginning
  • Family Reunion
  • Too many Sons
  • The Captives Return
  • Wall Warriors
  • A Loving Father
  • Woman with Oils
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Crucified!
  • Seeing Jesus Again
Love theme badge

Adventures in Love

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Genesis 21:1–21 NIV

Hagar’s Journey

Genesis 1–2 NIV

In the Beginning

Genesis 45–47 NIV

Family Reunion

John 13:31–14:31; Matthew 26:26–56; Luke 22:14–53 NIV

The Lord's Supper

Ephesians; Philippians; Colossians; Philemon NIV

Prison Pen Pals

Genesis 29 NIV

Broken Trust

Luke 23:26–52; John 19:23–28; Matthew 27:32–58; Mark 15:21–45 NIV


Genesis 35 NIV


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